About Us

AO INDIA is part of the AO Foundation and is the largest global group of dedicated orthopedic and trauma surgeons, researchers, and ORP striving for excellence and volunteering for a common goal.

The AO Foundation mission statement

“Our mission is promoting excellence in patient care and outcomes in trauma and musculoskeletal disorders.”

AO India: our value statements

  • AO Trauma is the world’s largest independent trauma and orthopedic community and organization.
  • We educate surgeons, researchers, and ORP.
  • We conduct and fund clinical and translational research.
  • We offer membership to a prestigious global network that provides members with rich opportunities for dialogue, knowledge-sharing, professional development, and collaboration across the AOTrauma community worldwide.
  • We aim to strengthen and enrich our contributions to the entire orthopedic trauma community, and further develop our membership by providing great support, so that we can make a significant impact to improve patients’ lives.

Did you know we turned ten years old this year? Learn about AOTraumas history and how our strategy helps us to follow the AO Foundations mission. Meet the active AO India regions and our committed team members and understand how AOTrauma is organized. Find your way easily to our key activities.